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To order products, you need to be a member of the Adventure Club. This will give you free shipping. In addition, you can purchase the Adventure Club eGift cards. To receive the eGift card, you need to create an account, which requires a social media account. You can also use this account to pay for your purchases. Once you've registered, you'll be able to check for any special deals and discounts.

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Who is the Owner of 7-Eleven Australia?

If you're wondering who the owner of 7-Eleven Australia is, you're not alone. The company is currently the third-largest privately-owned company 7 Eleven near me in Australia, excluding its superannuation funds. As a result, 7-Eleven Australia is facing some ongoing challenges and needed an effective change management strategy. To answer this question, we've compiled a list of the company's owners and executives.

Angus Braeden is the company's Executive Chairman. He joined the company in 2015 and spearheaded its transformation of retail operations. He also leads the delivery of bespoke franchise services. As a result, he is considered a trusted advisor to the company. While you might not recognize his name, he is the face behind the brand. His background includes a range of experience in the field of human resources and safety, including work at Coles Myer Group and as a board member of the Queen Elizabeth Centre.

Seven-Eleven Australia is owned by the Withers family, who had already been operating in the Australian grocery industry. This family signed an area licensing agreement to bring the 7-Eleven brand to Australia. They opened their first Australian store in 1977, and are still active there today. The company also operates a variety of community-based programs through its Good Cause program, which supports charities and other causes. This is an excellent model for expanding the company's global brand.

Starbucks Australia's franchised stores are owned by the Withers Group. In addition to the 24 Australian Starbucks stores, the Withers Group has plans to expand its Starbucks brand in the country. In Australia, 7-Eleven is the largest convenience store and independent petrol retailer in the country. Its founder, George Withers, opened the first grocery store in Sydney back in 1913. The company has since merged with the Mobil petrol station chain, which further expanded its business operations.

Your Nearest Post Office Opening Times in Sydney

Your Australia Post near me in Sydney is an important location to have on hand for a range of postal services. The opening times listed below are indicative only and may vary from one branch to the next. Please check the website of your local Post Office to confirm hours of operation. You can also book an appointment online by logging in to the Post Office's website and selecting the type of appointment you require and the date you wish to visit.

Aldi Opening Hours and Closing Times

If you are wondering what aldi opening times and closing times are, read on to find out. The company has over eleven thousand stores in over twenty countries, offering groceries and household essentials. Its international footprint includes Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The company has several ways to contact them. Here are some methods of contact:

Aldi has different operating hours in different cities. You should check their hours before visiting. For example, in New York, most of them are open from 9AM to 8PM on Monday to Friday. Aldi is closed on Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, as well as on Easter Sunday. Moreover, some Aldi locations are open for limited hours during holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter. Moreover, you should check the opening hours and closing times of your local Aldi store before buying your groceries.

Those who do not want to check their stores' opening and closing hours can download the Aldi mobile app. It includes useful information like store locators and weekly special buy updates. It also includes a QR code reader for viewing special content on store items. The app is available for both IOS and Android. With the help of this app, you can plan your weekly shopping in advance and avoid unnecessary inconveniences. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Aldi app and start saving money and time!

Although the Aldi opening hours on Bank Holidays have come under fire due to its late night opening, the company has issued an update on their hours. They confirmed that their store hours would remain the same. Although Tesco, Asda, and Lidl have altered their closing times, Aldi has not. The supermarkets are open until 8pm instead of 12am, allowing shoppers to shop in peace and quiet.

Tesco Near Me Opening Times Today

To see what hours your local Tesco is open today, find out the exact location of the store you want to visit. You can also look up individual store hours using the tesco near me store locator. Some stores are open 24 hours a day, while others are only open until 10pm. Tesco has a range of opening hours, so you should be able to find one that suits you. Here are the Tesco opening hours today:

Generally, Tesco supermarkets are open from 8am to 6pm during the day, but opening times may vary by location. You can always check Tesco's website to find out the most accurate opening times. Many stores remain open on bank holidays, so it's a good idea to call ahead before visiting. Even if you're visiting during the evening, check the Tesco website for its exact opening hours.

Tesco's Christmas opening times vary by location. Some stores are open at midnight, while others remain closed throughout the day. Some stores are open all night on Christmas Eve, while others will stay open all night on Christmas Day. Other stores, such as Morrisons and Aldi, may have slightly different hours. You can also find a Tesco Express location near you. However, you should note that Tesco Express stores are typically open from 9am to 7pm, although the hours will vary.

If you prefer quieter shopping, check out the Morrisons store nearest to you. It's expected that Morrisons will be open until 9pm on the bank holiday. Tesco will also be open a few hours later on Thursday and Friday. The superstore in Cannon Park will remain open until 10pm on Saturday and 10am on Sunday. The other two stores in the city will be open for their regular hours.

Coalition unveils long-term funding plan to reverse education cuts

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A coalition fighting for improved funding for education today sets out a long-term plan to reverse the cuts which have caused so much damage to schools and colleges.

It shows that a total of £12.6bn extra would be needed by 2022/23.

The analysis is backed by three leading education unions, the National Education Union (NEU), the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), and the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), as well as the f40 education fair funding campaign group, which is made up of 42 local authorities who are among the lowest funded for education in England.

For the first time it provides a complete assessment of the amount of funding needed across early years, primary and secondary schools, 16-19 education, and high needs up to the age of 25, in order to reverse real-terms cuts which have devastated the education sector over the past few years.

The coalition is proposing a phased implementation plan over the next four years to 2022/23. It shows how the £3bn one-year boost that Theresa May and Philip Hammond are reported to be on the verge of agreeing could be a starting point for a much-needed long-term investment in the sector.

ASCL has also carried out its own analysis, in which it proposes an additional investment of £5.4bn over the following two years, from 2023/24 to 2024/25, to meet the basic expectation on schools and ensure that every child is taught by a qualified teacher in classes of no more than 30 pupils.

Education cuts have caused immense damage resulting in rising class sizes, cuts to courses, reduced support for students, and huge pressure on funding for children with special educational needs, which has resulted in a legal challenge to the Government by desperate parents. 

Several schools now close early on Fridays to save money, and many are appealing to parents for donations to meet the cost of classroom basics and other equipment.

Sixth forms and colleges have suffered devastating cuts, including the closure or impending closure of more than 70 school sixth forms over the past three years. 

ASCL General Secretary Geoff Barton said:

“There are no political games going on here where we pitch high in the hope that the Government will meet us part way.

“This is a rigorous and reasonable analysis of the funding required to reverse real-terms cuts and provide schools and colleges with enough money to deliver the standard of education society expects of them. 

“The fact that so much more money is needed is not a case of us being unrealistic, but a reflection of the totally inadequate level of funding currently provided by the Government.

“Education should be seen as a vital strategic investment in our children and in our country, and this analysis provides the most complete picture yet of what that investment should look like from the early years through to 16-19 education.”

James McInnes, chairman of f40 and cabinet member for children and schools in Devon, said:

“Education unions and the f40 group have spent a lot of time looking at the real cost of education and the impact funding cuts have had on our schools and special educational needs.

“Headteachers are telling us that they simply can’t operate within the budgets they are given and that means cuts are being made to both staff and the curriculum.

“Nobody wants to see the education of our children suffering, so we need to do something now before we get long-term damage. We also want to see fairer distribution of school budgets. There are still too many inequalities that mean some schools and local authority areas receive far less than others. All children deserve an excellent education, regardless of where they live.”

NAHT General Secretary Paul Whiteman said:

“Everyone, including ministers, agrees that school budgets are at breaking point. There is also widespread agreement that it is only new money from the Treasury that will solve the school funding crisis. 

“There are many ways to calculate how much more schools and colleges need to receive; the two fundamentals though are immediate short-term relief, to make up for what schools and colleges have lost, and a long-term commitment to sufficient funding in the future.”

NEU Joint General Secretary Kevin Courtney said:

“We don’t want pledges for extra funds that never materialise. We don’t want promises on the side of a bus. We need real money, for real children, in real schools.

“We’ve been doing the maths. Along with our partners in other unions, we’ve come up with a figure, a sum of money that is urgently needed if we are to stem the tide of cuts and fully fund education.

“We will be taking that figure to politicians of all parties to press our case for the investment our schools desperately need.”

The numbers

Actual funding for 2019/20Necessary funding by 2022/23Additional funding by 2022/23Necessary funding by 2024/25Additional funding by 2024/25
Schools & Central Services block£36.08bn£41.86bn£5.79bn£43.08bn£7.01bn
High needs£6.33bn£9.45bn£3.12bn£10.20bn£3.87bn
Early Years£3.54bn£4.11bn£0.57bn£4.29bn£0.75bn
Pupil premium£2.42bn£2.98bn£0.57bn£3.08bn£0.66bn
16 – 19£5.67bn£8.26bn£2.59bn£9.08bn£3.41bn
Basic entitlement additional cost£5.42bn£5.42bn  
Total revenue£54.04bn£66.67bn£12.63bn£75.14bn£21.11bn

Note: Figures have been rounded

The table explained

Column 1: Shows the current budgets for 2019/20.

Column 2: Shows the budgets needed by 2022/23 to reverse the cuts – restoring in real terms the 2015 level of funding for schools, high needs, early years, and pupil premium, and restoring in real terms the 2010 level of funding for 16-19 education. This figure takes into account inflation and increases in pupil numbers.

Column 3. Shows the additional funding required to achieve these budgets compared to 2019/20.

Column 4. Shows the budgets needed by 2024/25 to keep pace with inflation, plus an additional investment to meet the basic entitlement model developed by ASCL which guarantees a qualified teacher for every class and class sizes of no more than 30.

Column 5. Shows the additional funding required by 2024/25 to achieve these budgets compared to the level of funding in 2019/20.


YearPhased increase in revenue funding to cancel cuts and then fund basic entitlementAdditional funding required on actual 2019/20 allocation(£54.04bn)

For further information about the methodology:

For press queries/ interviews please contact Richard Bettsworth at ASCL.
Richard Bettsworth | Director of Public Affairs
Association of School and College Leaders

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