F40 is planning to stage a conference on NFF, its implications for f40 members and how f40’s fair funding campaign should develop in the future.

The conference will be held on Monday 26 March 2018 between 11am and 4pm.

The venue is the LGA Conference Centre at 18 Smith Square, Westminster, London.

The keynote speaker will be Tony Foot, Director of the DfE’s Education Funding Group. Other speakers are in the process of being agreed.

Besides hearing about the current government thinking on the National Funding Formula, there’ll be sessions on the implications of NFF from a local authority and Schools Forum perspective, plus we aim to have presentations on High Needs and Early Years. We’ll also hear about two other campaigns fighting for fairer funding for schools.

The afternoon session will be given over to consideration of what member authorities said in the recent Survey conducted by f40…and a general discussion about how f40’s campaign should be re-focussed now that the NFF is being implemented. It is very important that our membership is involved in this discussion and helps formulate the f40 strategy for the future.

Please save the date in your diary. A formal invitation to attend this free conference will be issued to members in early February.